Liver cancer is the second most frequent cause of cancer related death worldwide and shows rising incidence. It is the most relevant paradigm of viral, metabolic, and inflammation induced tumourigenesis, but this ideal model situation has not led to satisfactory clinical translation so far. The SFB/TRR77 was dedicated to investigate the mole­cular mechanisms that induce and promote liver cancer and to explore their potential for preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic application. This worldwide largest research consortium funded by the DFG from 01.01.20120-31.12.2014 addressing liver cancer has in its first funding period made a significant national and international impact by its research data, translational efforts, conferences and workshops, as well as induction of clinical structures at both locations.


Retreat 2014 in Fulda

Our annual retreat took place on May 26/27th as already tradion in the Bäderparkhotel in Fulda. Main focus was the new orientation and planing for our next application.



HCC Summit conference in Geneva

After the HCC Conference in Heidelberg (05.-07.07.2012), the successor conference "HCC-summit", 13.-16.2.2014 in Geneva also on an international level and organized by the EASL has been a great success, too. To get some impressions from the conference, follow the YouTube link to the final HCC summit showreel video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsaTwq-PK3Q

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