Project Leader

Project A1


Dr. Volker Lohmann

Dept. of Molecular Virology

University Hospital


Im Neuenheimer Feld 345

69120 Heidelberg




Phone: 06221-566449; Fax: 06221-564570

Email: volker.lohmann@med.uni-heidelberg.de

Homepage: www.klinikum.uni-heidelberg.de/AG-Lohmann.104951.0.html

Curriculum Vitae


Study of Biology, University of Mainz


Diploma Thesis, University of Mainz. Topic: HSV thymidine kinase


PhD, University of Mainz. Topic: Characterisation of a cloned HCV genome, HCV replication, establishment of a cell culture system for HCV, purification and characterization of HCV NS5B polymerase (supervision by Prof. Dr.R. Bartenschlager)



PostDoc, Institute for Virology, University of Mainz. Topics: HCV and CSFV NS5B polymerase; development of a cell culture replication system for HCV on the basis of selectable subgenomic replicons

since 2003

Group Leader, University of Heidelberg. Topics: Replication of hepatitis C virus, host cell factors of viral replication, role of the innate immune system in virus control



Awards and Appointments


Boehringer Ingelheim Prize: Development of a cell culture system for HCV

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