Area Z


The central administrative project (Z1) is jointly run by Peter Schirmacher and Michael P. Manns with the expert support of the administrative manager, Katrin Woll. The project is responsible for all aspects of central administration and interaction within the SFB/TRR77, including the support of gender aspects and the promotion of young researchers. It takes care of all seminars, workshops, and the symposium for the SFB/TRR and supports all its outside activities (international cooperations, public relations).


The central integrated information platform and cross-project biostatistical analyses  project (Z2) is run by Meinhard Kieser. The project will set up a common platform for the scientific data of the SFB/TRR77 and thus secure data sustainability. It provides informatic support and biostatistical guidance to the SFB/TRR77 and represents it in external interactions involving data management and comprehensive analyses including data from different SFB/TRR77 projects. In addition, the project pursues methods development, especially regarding issues of the SFB/TRR77.


Z1: Central administration of the SFB/TRR77 (Schirmacher/Manns)


Z2: Integrated information platform and cross-project biostatistical analyses (Kieser)

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