Area A

Research Area A is devoted to the understanding of the general and specific mechanisms in chronic liver damage (specifically viral infection and chronic inflammation) that predispose to or initiate the development of HCC and that may offer prospects for preventive measures and intervention. The main focus will be on chronic hepatitis and its sequelae.


A1: Impact of Hepatitis C Virus Core and NS5A on the Induction of Pro-carcinogenic Alterations and HCC Development (Lohmann/Bartenschlager)

A2: The role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Hepatocarcinogenesis (Gülow/Krammer)

A3: The Role of Natural Killer Cells in the Transition from Hepatitis to Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Falk)

A4: Regulation of Hepatic Carcinogen-Metabolizing UGT1A Genes and HCC Development in the Humanized UGT1A-SNP Mouse (Manns)

A5: Role of c-myc in Chronic Liver Injury and Hepatocarcinogenesis (Vogel)

A6: Dissecting TGF-b Signaling in Hepatocarcinogenesis (Dooley/Meindl-Beinker)


A7: Regulation and Function of the S100A8/S100A9 Protein Complex in Inflammation-Associated Liver Carcinogenesis (Hess/Angel)

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