Project C7

Viroimmunotherapy in HCC: Recruitment and Expansion of Dendritic Cells by Tumor-Specific Replicating Viruses

Principal Investigators: Dr. Florian Kühnel


Short Summary

Virotherapy elicits antitumoral immune response by cross-presentation of tumor antigens. We showed that virotherapy can overcome tumor-specific immune-tolerance mechanisms and demonstrated improvement of virotherapy-induced antitumor immune response by recruitment and expansion of dendritic cells (DC) at the site of oncolytic viral infection. Aim of our project is the identification of cytokine/chemokine-combinations for optimized recruitment and expansion of DC. In addition, we will investigate the molecular mechanisms of virotherapy-induced cell death that support antitumoral immune response due to improved uptake and cross-presentation of tumor antigens by DC.

List of relevant publications

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