Annual Retreat SFB/TR 209

Events | Mon, Jun 11 2018

Our first annual retreat will take place on June 11th + 12th 2018 in Fulda.

Seminar by Prof. Dr. J. McKeating


On 13 th November 2017 Prof. Dr. J. McKeating from the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy of the University of Birmingham held a lecture on
"Hypoxia inducible factors - a new player in viral hepatitis and liver pathogenesis"

Latest Issue of SFB/TR Newsletter


Here is the first newsletter of our SGB as download version. It is planned to provide the newsletter on a regular basis, three times a year, in order to summarize the latest events and to keep everybody updated.

Seminar by Dr. A. Saborowski


On 29th of January Dr. A. Saborowski (Gastroenterology MHH Hannover) is holding a seminar on “Cancer cell-derived stroma-modulating factors in cholangio-carcinoma”