Area C

In Research Area C the mechanistic basis of approaches that are already known to be relevant for future therapeutic approaches (early on response prediction (C1), anti-tumorous immune response (C2, C4), angiogenesis (C3, C4), chaperones (C5), and improved tumor cell targeting (C6, C7) are studied in depth. Especially the projects of Research Area C offer intermediate-term perspectives for clinical applications either in terms of therapeutic target structures, modulation of specific therapies, or improved modes of delivery.


C1: Evaluation of Apoptosis Biomarkers that Determine the Chemosensitivity of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and the Early Identification of Treatment Non-Responders (Bantel/Lehner)


C2: Identification of Molecular Targets for Immune-Based Therapies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Wirth)


C3: Tumor-Specific Vascular Reprogramming in HCC: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets (Goerdt/Augustin)


C4: Regulation of Leukocyte Recruitment by Intra- and Peritumoral Endothelial Cells in HCC (Ryschich)


C5: Targeting the Chaperones as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy in HCC (Singer/Mayer)


C7: HCC-viroimmunotherapy: Recruitment and Expansion of Dendritic Cells by Tumor-specific Replicating Viruses (Kühnel)

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