Project A6

Dissecting TGF-b signaling in hepatocarcinogenesis

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Steven Dooley, Dr. Nadja Meindl-Beinker

Short Summary

During carcinogenesis TGF-β turns from a tumor suppressor into a tumor promoter. We found an overexpression of Smad7 in HCCs, which provides tumor cells with a mechanism to escape TGF-β-dependent growth control in hepatocarcinogenesis. We will test this hypothesis with HCC samples, mouse HCC models and HCC cell lines and delineate the mechanism(s) leading to Smad7 overexpression. Further, we will analyze the modulation of TGF-β signaling during onset and progression of HCC, taking into account infection with HBV-and HCV infections. Ultimately, we aim to identify drugable targets in TGF-ß signalling.


List of relevant publications

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